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HOI ID teamed up with Trinity Productions who shared in our vision of producing a design led TV series . Not only an exclusive glimpse into our clients lifestyles. 


Granting you an insight into how much research and design thought from both designer and client goes into bringing a projects authenticity to life.


We are very proud to showcase some of our targeted projects, utilising our skills be it in Architecture, Interior Design, sourcing and styling.


VIDEOS: Welcome

Set amongst one of our most important residential projects . This development was years in the making ,starting life as a weekend farm retreat to a spectacular private family resort. Using the talents of many Architects & Designers. 


Here we showcase the buildings and spaces that we designed and developed - the first being the Iraqi dewania.


A gentle walk through showing the luxurious interior of our main villa.

Focussing on bespoke elements, fabrics and lighting.

VIDEOS: Welcome


An introduction to the design and styling of a more relaxed and entertainment side of life within a private family Compound, focussing on the Artisan design elements

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